Homestay  HOSTS

How to become a Registered Homestay Provider

If you have read the Homestay Rules and Guidelines and believe you would like to become a homestay provider please send us an e-mail to or telephone us on +61 400 565 057 and one of our friendly staff members will send you out an application package to complete and return to us. Once your application is received we will contact you within 72 hours to arrange an appropriate time to visit you at your home for a home inspection and interview. Please be reminded that all information you provide to ISAA is held in the strictest of confidentiality.

If you haven’t read the Homestay Hosts Guide, we encourage you to please take a few minutes to read the Guide as it will provide valuable information you need to know about hosting an international student.

What you will need to provide for your international student:

  • The home must be clean neat and tidy
  • The homes should be close to a college or university
  • The homes must be close to the public transport system bus/train station
  • The room must be fully furnished with a bed, linen, pillow, wardrobe, desk, chair, lamp for studying, fan for hot days
  • The supply of breakfast and dinner during the week and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends and public holidays
  • Internet must be provided
  • All ISAA’s host families living in the home above the ages of 18 years must have an updated National Police Clearance and in some cases where hosts are hosting under aged students then a Working With Children Clearance is required


Link to Police Clearance and Working with Children Check

  • The host must be willing to interact with their students on a daily basis as most students coming to Australia to study are learning English
  • The Host(s) are to provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment
  • Internet Access for the student is important as this is the main form or communicating with their family and friends overseas. Extra charges apply if the host provides internet, please ask your ISAA representative for further details and charges.


What the HOST will receive in return

  • A very generous financial remuneration paid monthly into your account
  • A rewarding experience in accommodating an international student
  • An exchange in cultural and language experience
  • To teach the student the Australian way of life
  • Teaches Australian children about other countries, foods, culture etc
  • Inspires children to further their own education
  • Many, many host and their families have made life long friendships with international students

One click of the Host Application Form will get you started.