Homestay Guide For STUDENTS 

Full Homestay accommodation is the most sought after accommodation for international students in Perth. Homestay accommodation hosts can vary being a single host member to a family that consists of parents with children. Homestay accommodation is the best alternative for any student wanting to save money or is on a budget as all food and utilities such as gas, electricity and water are included in one cost.

ISAA realizes that each individual student is different and will have certain requirements whether its an allergy to certain foods or religious beliefs such as unable to eat pork or in some cases may not be able to live with pets such as dogs, cats etc. ISAA can accommodate students from countries all over the world with individual needs and requirements.


Services Offered

  • Homestay Accommodation
  • Airport pick up and transfer to accommodation
  • Guardianship for under aged students
  • Shared Accommodation (Students 18 Years +)


What you can expect from an ISAA Homestay

If you want to learn English and the Australian way of life, what better way than to live with an Australian family whom will take care of you whilst you learn?

Listed below are the features to an ISAA registered homestay home. However, we also have homestays with a variety of home features such as swimming pools, gymnasium, in-home cinemas, close to beaches and rivers and many, many more recreational facilities for the use by all members of the home.


MY Homestay 

  • Your own fully furnished bedroom
  • A non –smoking environment (No Smoking is allowed inside Australian homes, smoking is permitted outside only)
  • Breakfast and dinner supplied during the week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner supplied on week-ends and public holidays
  • Privacy in your own room
  • Access to telephone (telephone cards are available for purchase)
  • Access to the internet
  • Use of laundry facilities
  • Care in the event of illness
  • Great family environment
  • Homestay is a safe, secure and supervised environment
  • The ability to learn English and the Australian way of life
  • Food is Included. Breakfast and Dinner Monday through to Friday and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included on week-ends and public holidays


Note * Telephone, Mobile Telephone and Internet is at additional charges